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Our Mental Health Hub

Here in Christ the Redeemer, Mondays are all about starting the week on a mindful note. Every class, from the youngest nursery children to our seasoned P7s, kick off their week with a special Mindfulness task. We understand that weekends can bring a mix of experiences for our children, which is why we view school as a safe haven for them. In light of this, we dedicate time for our pupils' minds to regulate and find calm before embarking on a busy week of learning and growth. By embracing Mindfulness Monday, we set the tone for a positive and centered week ahead.

In Christ the Redeemer, we prioritise the emotional health and well-being of our pupils from nursery to P7. Every day, before diving into their learning, our children engage in an emotional daily check-in. This practice enables our dedicated staff to understand and gauge the emotions of each child, ensuring that they are in a state of calm and readiness to fully engage with their tasks. By promoting emotional awareness and providing a supportive environment, we aim to nurture not just promote and enhance academic growth, but also the holistic development of each child in our care.

Starting the day right with Miss McKeown, her P7 mentors, and their little stars! Reflecting on a week of success with cookies, milk, and smiles all around. #Teamwork #Reflections #APathwayToSuccess