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Pre-School Curriculum

Our Pre-school Curriculum


  1. Christ the Redeemer Nursery, the children learn through play. Our curriculum is organised under the following six areas of learning;


Personal, Social, Emotional Development


Children will have opportunities to:

  • Enjoy relationships with adults and other children
  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Develop positive attitudes to learing
  • Develop independence and be able to do things for themselves
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and consideration for others



Physical Development


Children will have opportunities to:

  • Move with confidence, control and co-ordination
  • Develop an awareness of space and the ability to    use space imaginatively
  • Use a wide range of large and small equipment with increasing confidence and safety
  • Develop a sense of health and well-being



Language Development


Children will have opportunities to:

  • Develop language and communication skills
  • Develop attention and listening skills
  • Further extend their vocabulary
  •  Enjoy a wide range of books, stories, songs and rhymes
  • Access a wide range of painting and writing materials.


(Any child who has a speech and language difficulty will have the benefit of receiving speech and language therapy in Nursery).




Early Mathematical Development


Children will have opportunities to:

  • Explore early mathematical concepts through play e.g. shape, space, time and number
  • Use a wide range of mathematical language 
  • Participate in number rhymes and songs
  • Develop sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting skills




Creative Development


Children will have opportunities to:

  • Develop imagination and creativity
  • Explore colour, shape, texture and sound
  • Explore and experiment with a variety of tools and materials
  • Explore and play simple percussion instruments
  • Express themselves and their ideas through a variety of media e.g. painting, drawing, junk art, music and movement, imaginative role play etc.



The World Around Us


Children will have opportunities to:

  • Be curious and investigate the world in which they live
  • Discover why things happen/ how things work
  • Develop an understanding of seasons, weather, plants and animals
  • Care for their environment
  • Become more aware of their world and the roles that people play in the local community
  • Develop an awareness of time and time passing
  • Develop an early awareness of ICT.