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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


We have a large family in our School, with 28 teachers all keen to nurture and develop our children.

Our current teaching staff consists of the following members.



Picture 1 Principal: Mrs. Beare
Picture 2 Vice Principal: Mr. Watson

Primary 1 Teachers

Primary 1 Teachers 1 Foundation Coordinator: Mrs. P. Murray
Primary 1 Teachers 2 Mrs. Markey
Primary 1 Teachers 3 Miss. Braniff

Primary 2 Teachers

Primary 2 Teachers 1 Music Coordinator: Mrs. C. Baine
Primary 2 Teachers 2 Religious Coordinator: Mrs. A. Ryan
Primary 2 Teachers 3 PDMU Coordinator: Miss. H. Cunningham

Primary 3 Teachers

Primary 3 Teachers 1 Mrs. M. Brophy
Primary 3 Teachers 2 PE Coordinator: Miss C. Bunting
Primary 3 Teachers 3 Miss. D. Clenaghan

Primary 4 Teachers

Primary 4 Teachers 1 Key Stage 1 Coordinator: Miss. N. McKeown

Primary 5 Teachers

Primary 5 Teachers 1 Mr. N. Bradley

Primary 6 Teachers

Primary 6 Teachers 1 Miss. M. Stitt

Primary 7 Teachers

Primary 7 Teachers 1 Mr. C. Shannon

Special Educational Needs Staff

Special Educational Needs Staff 1 SENCO: Mrs. G. O'Neill
Special Educational Needs Staff 2 SpLD/Literacy Coordinator: Mrs. P. McTaggart
Picture 1 Our Caretaker: Tony Crawford
Picture 2 Office Staff: Catrina Leckey and Mary King

Teaching Staff

Teaching Assistants