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Special Needs

In Christ the Redeemer Primary School our SEN policy acknowledges that the needs of all pupils who have special educational needs must be addressed.  We strive to provide the full curriculum for all children at a level and pace appropriate to their ability. When making provision for children with Special Educational Needs we not only adhere to the principles outlined in the Code of Practice, we also endeavour to ensure that the experiences our children encounter enable them to be successful and encourage a lifelong love of learning so that they reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations.



We are unique and special. We all have learning differences and sometimes we need additional help. We have loads of strengths and so much to offer. In Christ the Redeemer, all staff help us to achieve our best.  

Sensory Room

Sensory struggles can be crucial for children with difficulties such as autism.  They cannot filter multiple sensory inputs and can feel overwhelmed in heightened sensory situations such as a noisy classroom.  Our sensory room has proved a huge success with children noting:
•       It helps me get back into class to get work done
•       It makes me feel better and relaxed
•       It inspired me to get my own sensory box at home
•       It really helps me to get through my school day

Celebrating us

Parents have noted:

•       I have noticed a great difference in my child and her attitude to school.  It has given us lots of insights into things that she likes.

•       My child has stated to tell me more about his day.  He is definitely less anxious.

We are an accredited Dyslexic Friendly School

Quote from the BDA: 

All members of staff involved in the Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark are to be congratulated on their hard work in developing and achieving a high standard of dyslexia friendly provision to pupils, members of staff and key stakeholders.

The commitment and dedication that has been given to this initiative has been clearly demonstrated within the evidence supplied and throughout the process of working towards achievement of the award.  The levels of knowledge displayed in Christ the Redeemer, along with their enthusiasm and commitment to good dyslexia friendly practice is to be applauded. 

Quote from a parent of a child with dyslexia:

Christ the Redeemer is full of wonderful, supportive teachers who have encouraged my daughter to grow in confidence.  She is no longer afraid or embarrassed to say she has dyslexia and embraces that she is different.  I am so happy because my daughter is happy. She has all the support to help her to grow and develop in her school life.  I really appreciate all the time and effort you Christ the Redeemer has given to get my daughter to where she is today.

Time to Read Programme

Time to Read is a programme which twins local schools with local businesses to give valuable reading support to primary children.  This community based programme works to help businesses to have a more positive impact on the communities in which they do business.  In our school, the aims of the programme have certainly become a reality.  Over the last five years, our children have built relationships with the time to read volunteers, some of which have been with us since the programme began. Past scores highlight a significant impact on reading fluency and an increase in engagement and self-esteem.  Below is some of the feedback from children and from parents.


Views from the children:

Has meeting your Time to Read tutor made you feel better about yourself in school?  

100% say YES.
•       I can read better.
•       I have more confidence and I’m not shy to speak out.
•       I know more words.
•       I am not scared to read in front of people.  I even read out loud for my assembly.
•       It has changed my scores in AR.

Parents found the programme very useful and beneficial also.  Parent evaluation comments include:

Have you seen an improvement in your child’s attitude or confidence towards approaching his/her reading since meeting with the time to read tutor?

100% say YES.

•       She is more confident and reads faster than usual.
•       She now asks can she read at home.  She never did this in the past.
•       My child has taken more of an interest in reading and his confidence is slowly growing.
•       My child’s spelling has improved.
•       My child’s reading age has improved.
•       My child is reading more in the house.

 Any other comments:

•       I think this is a very helpful programme.  My child looks forward to it every week and her reading is improving.
•       My child likes the one to one with her tutor.
•       The programme has really helped my child to improve.  He would like more of it.
•       I can’t thank my child’s teacher and tutor enough for all of the work that they have done with my child.  Time to read has made my child confident to read and talk.  He has improved so much.

Inclusion Quality Mark

Quote from IQM Report

This is an inclusive school in which leaders have embraced wide-ranging principles for positive learning and behaviour. The UNICEF Rights Respecting School strategy underpins policy and practice, and this enables the children to understand their rights, but also respect their peers. Behaviour observed was exemplary and children wore their very smart uniform with real pride.

Children enjoy their learning in Christ the Redeemer because it is so well structured. The school is also extremely well resourced. Teachers not only embrace best practice in teaching and learning and deliver high quality lessons, they also use Apple technologies to very good effect and this motivates children well. The curriculum quite rightly has a strong focus on academic achievement but also embraces creative topics which motivate and engage children well.

Harberton Reading Programme

Sensory Room