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School Council

Article 12: Every child has a right to give their opinion, and for adults to listen and take them seriously.


School Council


Our School Council consists of 12 pupils who are chosen by democratic elections in September of each year. Each child interested in becoming a councillor writes a manifesto and launches their own campaign, giving a speech to their class highlighting why they should be voted on to the council. There is a class representative from each class from P4 to P7.


The School Council plays a very important role in our school. The 12 councillors help to make Christ the Redeemer a nicer place for pupils and staff. For many years, all the decisions about children were made by adults, but here at Christ the Redeemer, we believe that the pupils should be able to speak for themselves. Schools work better when pupils and teachers are working together and listening to each other.


The council meet once a month. Meetings consist of the councillors proposing new ideas, airing classmate's views, creating resources; including videos, posters and leaflets to promote council messages and to monitor healthy lunch charters.


The objectives for this year includes:

*To promote healthy eating habits through the maintenance of a healthy lunch.

(Unicef Rights, Article 24: Health & Health Services.)

*To raise the profile of the School Council within the school.

(Article 12: Respect for the views of a child.)


School Council 2019-2020


We would like to introduce to you this years School Councillors. This term the councillors have been focusing on promoting Healthy Snack within class as part of our whole school healthy eating policy. Not only are these children acting as great role models, they have implemented new incentives and rewards to help encourage healthy eating amongst their peers. Through tracking each classes Healthy Snack records we hope to see an increase in better choices being made to eat well and be healthy. #healthyeating #healthylives