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Rights Respecting Council

Article 12: Every child has a right to give their opinion, and for adults to listen and take them seriously.



Our Rights Respecting Council of children from P4 – P7. These ambassadors are an important part to life in our school. As a Level 2 Rights Respecting School, these children are the advocate for sending out positive messages about different topics. Their yearly activities involve passing on the message of anti-bullying being part of a buddy system with their anti-bully vests to P1 and P2 children, promoting anti-bullying all year especially during anti-bullying week, presenting assemblies, listening and advising peers, checking class charters, brainstorming ideas, helping the South West Foodbank and encouraging others to choose healthier options when eating break and lunch. This year the children have continued to work on all of this. They also visited the Colin Glen Allotments where they attending a nutrition workshop in the Healthy Eating Centre. Their focus is to help all of the children be happier and to have a healthy lifestyle immersed in the rights respecting language. They hope to raise funds and decorate the prayer garden by the end of this year.
Rights Respecting Council 2019-2020
Rights Respecting Council 2018-2019